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      The purpose of a ceramic vessel is to hold. This function is informed by the shape of its interior as well as the elements of form and decoration that hold the viewers gaze. In these pieces I manipulate forms to show the aftermath of a struggle. The damage of attempted escape is not always as visible to a bystander as the impressions of violent movement in clay. By externalizing damage I draw the viewers attention to the trauma of arrest.

      I create contrasts by desecrating the clean functionality of everyday vessels. As their surfaces are gouged and forms are mangled, the vessels must be propped up by armatures. These armatures provide support but in the long run the vessel is unable to function at all, much less function on its own.

      A monarch butterfly adorns itself in black and orange to warn predators of toxicity. Fluorescent yellow signs guide drivers around dangerous curves. The colors of my sculptures are those of warning. These glaring hues both attract attention and inform. A gaudy facade and apparent willingness to function can temporarily displace feelings of panic. These vessels try to maintain their usefulness but fail, instead they drip omens of what will come.

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